Helpful Tips

  1. Gather Material : Start by gathering as many boxes or containers you will need as well as tape and markers, and packing materials.
  2. Uniform Packing : Try to use the same size boxes for easy stacking.
  3. Inventory : Make a list or take photos of your storage unit and keep in a safe space.
  4. Keep Dry : place a barrier (plastic or a tarp ) on concrete to guard against dampness. Any concrete can become cold or damp.
  5. Plan Ahead : Place items you may need to get to often in the front of unit.
  6. Caution : Don't store combustible (gas, guns, solvent, paint or thinner).
  7. Organize : leave an aisle down the middle of your unit for access and leave space between walls and your items for air flow.
  8. Stacking : be sure to place heavy items on the bottom and lighter items on top.
  9. Label : label, write, or number boxes on all sides and seal up.
  10. Wrap Them Up : Dishes and glass should be wrapped in paper or bubble type wrap and stored in strong box or container, placed on top to avoid damage.
  11. Fragile : Picture frames, mirrors should be packed with cardboard and labled fragile.
  12. Extra Space : Use fruniture appliances with doors or drawers as storage space good for blankets, towels,pillows and small items you want to protect wrap up to keep items safe.
  13. Electronics : Put tv's and computers at the back of unit to keep safe.
  14. Store Tight : put items with handles (shovels, brooms and rakes) inside of trash can.
  15. Sofas and Love Seats : Store them on end and wrap in plastic to protect them and put cushions in a trash bag to keep them safe.
  16. Sharp or Heavy Items : Be careful not to put where they can cause damage.
  17. Cover : Good idea to put blankets or cardboard on top & around tables and furniture to protect from scratches.
  18. Matteress : To save space stand on end straight up and don't lay directly on concrete.
  19. Metal Items : Avoid rust by spraying or wiping bikes, tools, metal items with machine oil.